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Alternative Formats

We can design easy-read guides, visual guides, large print maps, audio guides and BSL tours for members of the Deaf community.

For people with a hidden disability, it is often the fear of the unknown which impacts them having a negative visitor experience. We help a range of businesses create visual story guides that detail what could be unwelcome surprises at a destination. We also create easy read guides, large print maps and audio guides, along with BSL tours for Deaf people. Scroll down for more information or get in touch with us today.

Visual Story

One of the biggest challenges for an autistic person is the fear of the unknown. We create Visual Story guides that detail what could be unwelcome surprises at a destination, so everyone can feel more at ease and prepared before they visit. We create visual guides for places of interest, shopping centres and businesses.

Easy Read Guide

Organisations, places of interest and public buildings can have complex information, policies and regulations that can be difficult for people with a learning disability or communication difficulty to understand. We create Easy Read products that break down these barriers so that everyone has access to the information they need. The Easy Read Guide is created using simple, jargon-free language, shorter sentences and supporting images.

Large Print Guides

Formatting standard print documents into best practice large print which meets required legislative standards and recommendations. Large Print Guides are created for people with visual impairments, including conditions such as Macular Degeneration and Glaucoma. Large Print Guides use several techniques aimed at increasing the visibility of the information. The guide may also be of use for visitors who have dyslexia or where English is their second language.

BSL Tours (British Sign Language)

For Deaf people who use British Sign Language (BSL) we work with the community to create BSL videos or Tours. These can be for places of interest, tourist attractions or organisations who want to improve access for their customers. You can see some of the tours we have created on our YouTube Channel (link opens in new window).

Audio Guides

For those of us with a Learning Disability or visual impairment audio is one of the best alternatives to process information. We take your written word / printed documents and convert these into a downloadable audio file or audio USB – which meets required legislative standard recommendations.

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For all inquiries including more information on our training, products, and service and to book an accessible meeting room please get in touch.

We offer bespoke quotes for individual pieces of work, products, and training.

Telephone: 01392 459 222

Did you know Living Options Devon is a charity? We offer a range of support services for disabled people and members of the Deaf community where British Sign Language is their first language. In booking a meeting room, training session or product with us you are supporting our charity. All profits go directly to supporting our beneficiaries across the southwest of England. More about us.