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Consultancy Information and Advice Services

Our support services for the workplace ensure a positive experience for disabled people and their employers.

We offer a range of support both to disabled employee and their employers, to ensure needs and reasonable adjustments are met. Ensuring a positive experience for disabled members of staff and their employees is our focus. Happy people make a happy workplace.

Access to work awareness

We can offer businesses expert advice on Access to Work and other funding streams. These are publicly funded within the employment support programme and help more disabled and Deaf people start or stay in work.

This session can be delivered to employers and / or service users as needed and helps you understand how Access to Work, New Enterprise Allowance and other funding streams can support needs to obtain, or when in, employment for disabled people and Deaf BSL users.

Building Plan Advice – Disability Friendly

Our trained expert has a wealth of experience in providing detailed input into new builds and refurbishments on a range of building types. Their feedback informs legislative reasonable adjustments and prevents barriers to accessing services within the premises.

Our expert will feedback recommendations to make new buildings disability access compliant. It is particularly important to obtain this information at the planning stage to avoid unnecessary costs to alter premises in the future. You are also ensuring your premises are disability friendly for staff and customers.

Critical Friend

Our critical friend service, provides friendly advice and information on a range of disability or Deaf issues. We can give advice and solutions to built environments and public places. We support you in re engaging with the disabled customer or members of the Deaf Community (BSL Users).

Our critical friend supports businesses with accessible signage, documentation and equipment. This friendly advice can also be one to one with an individual, helping them to gain confidence to get back in the workplace or join a social network or community.

Line Manager and Employee Support

Our representatives can attend arranged meetings between a line manager and their disabled employee. This helps guide discussion around reasonable adjustments, work environment issues and offer support and advice. In turn in develops trust in their working relationship.

Line managers and employee will have found agreed and appropriate reasonable adjustments, solved concerns around adapting the workplace, know where to source specific support (equipment; AtW etc.)

Our representatives also offer mediation on employment issues / dispute between an employer and disabled employee to guide discussion and find agreeable non-discriminatory solutions.

Q&A Hour: Workplace Reasonable Adjustment

Our experienced and knowledgeable disabled person or Deaf person representative can attend staff meetings to provide a one-hour Questions and Answer session on Reasonable Adjustments in the workplace.

These Q&A sessions are a positive way to open up communication and awareness on disability and encourage staff and employees to feel confident and safe when discussing disability and the needs of a disabled member of staff.

The Q&A is designed for employer’s, management, disabled employees, or can be a mixed group.

Get in touch

For all inquiries including more information on our training, products, and service and to book an accessible meeting room please contact our HUB hosts. Alternatively, complete the contact form and one of our friendly HUB hosts will be in touch with you.

We offer bespoke quotes for individual pieces of work, products, and training. Please get in touch to discuss this with a member of the team.

Telephone: 01392 459 222

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Did you know Living Options Devon is a charity? We offer a range of support services for disabled people and members of the Deaf community where British Sign Language is their first language. In booking a meeting room, training session or product with us you are supporting our charity. All profits go directly to supporting our beneficiaries across the southwest of England. More about us.